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.925 Sterling Silver Bracelets For Women

Pipe Cut Rings Bracelet


"Pipe Cut Rings" Silver Bracelet

What a labor of love this was in the making. Well, either that or a real pain! Each little flat ring has to be soldered and polished to have them interlock like this. What you will really appreciate is the flat surfaces pick up and deliver the light so perfectly.

Item BR05

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 7.5" Adjusts to tiny
Hand Crafted in Taxco Mexico

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My Lucky Bracelet


"My Lucky Bracelet" Sterling Bracelet

A Sterling Horse Shoe dangles from the 3/4" ring that is part of the toggle clasp. The body or chain of the piece is made up of Substantial donut ring links of 3/8" diameter. Nothing exciting...It's a "My Lucky Bracelet" usually worn daily for a touch of Silver at tennis or tea.

Item BR04

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 6 3/4"
Hand Crafted in Taxco Mexico

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Sterling Silver Bracelets

Your selections in this bracelet category really reflect the drama of Mexico's passion for silver. The originality of designs and the skills needed to create these irresistible pieces lives on in Taxco. However, over the last couple of years Mexican silver jewelry has become a rarity. Sausalito Silver is fortunate to still have tremendous sources for the Mexican products that use be the engine driving the silver jewelry business. Like our necklaces, we’re offering both whimsical and classic styles. Enjoy!

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Oval Links Bracelet


"Oval Links" Silver Bracelet

We are giving this bracelet a grade of "C".......It's a clean, crisp, contemporary work at a super price for Sterling. Go for it!

Item BR06

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 7.5" Adjusts to tiny
Links Measure 3/8" x 5/8"
Toggle Clasp
Hand Crafted in Taxco Mexico

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Knotted Links Bracelet


"Knotted Links" Sterling Bracelet

A cool slipknot look wraps Silver rings with an eye catching distressed treatment...Say, a little worse for wear. A very imaginative and great looking work that will compliment most any other Silver accessory.

Item BR03

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 7" Adjusts to tiny
Link Rings Diameter 3/4"
Toggle Clasp
Hand Crafted in Taxco Mexico

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Charmed I'm Sure.925 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet


"Charmed, I'm Sure" Silver Bracelets

I'm sure you will have a super hot charm bracelet before adding one charm. The hammered tear drops and circles combine for a super designer look. The rhodium coating will not require any polishing on your part and will match up perfectly with charms you add that are usually darker in color.

Item JOB02

.925 Sterling Silver
Overall Length 7"
Tear Drops 9/16 x 1"
Small Circles 1/2"
Rhodium Coating for a Tarnish Free Finish

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My Whimsy Sterling Silver Bracelet


"My Whimsy" Sterling Silver Bracelet

How fun is this bracelet? Sure, it's whimsical, however, it's also an extremely artistic work of art you are sure to enjoy for years! A smooth convex roll in the mirrored square flows into the "S" shaped roll of the grain textured piece perfectly. You'll love the way the curlicue Silver design runs through the hinge really offering the fun and attention you want in an eye catching bracelet like this.

Necklace, Pendant.

Item BR002

.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry
Length 7"
Polished Link 5/8" Square
Wood Grain Focal Point 1" Square
Handmade in Taxco Mexico

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Calypso .925 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet



Dancing silver ovals reflecting light and having a great time doing just that! This design makes a super casual look with any outfit go farther. Totally adjustable. The handcrafted clasp will link to any of the oval rings. Match it up with the Calypso Necklace and Bingo!

Item MAB01

.925 Sterling Silver
Overall Length 8"
Large ovals 3/4 x 1"
Small Ovals 7/16 x 9/16"
Handcrafted in Taxco Mexico

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Wild Ride Sterling Silver Bracelet


"Wild Ride" Sterling Silver Bracelet

The swirls and curls in this bracelet have been curved so they will circle your wrist in total comfort. The twisting turns in this exciting artwork match the pendant and earrings perfectly. This gives you the option of owning the entire set all at a wild and wonderful price. Enjoy the three dimensional depths of the design and how the light reflects in crazy interesting patterns.
Check out the matching Earrings, Necklace and Pendant.

Item BR6011

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 7 1/2"
Width 1 5/8"
Easy On and Off Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp
Handcrafted in Taxco Mexico

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Temptations .925 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet


"Temptations" .925 Sterling Silver Link Bracelet

Varying sizes of imperfect circles are designed to reflect light and dance around your wrist. Although the interwoven ringlets are arranged in a specific pattern, without close inspection, they seem to be randomly assembled whimsically. This is an extremely flattering look that sizzles with excitement and sparkle.
Check out the matching necklace.

Item BR4985

.925 Sterling Silver
Length 7 1/2"
Width 5/8"
Unique Sterling Silver Handmade Clasp
Handcrafted in Taxco Mexico

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