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Sterling Silver Jewelry Styles With Timeless Appeal

Turquoise Jewelry Bali Pendant and Chain Silver Collar Necklace
Carnelian Pendant Bali Pearl Pendant
Cuff Bracelets Sterling Silver Link Braclet Turquoise Silver Jewelry

Sterling Silver Jewelry on Models

Beginning in 2002 the Sausalito Silver Website has utilized live models to highlight the various styles of sterling silver jewelry we feature. This concept is to offer you an opportunity to see how large or small the jewelry design is and how it will look when you wear it. That, coupled with the influence of color in relation to your wardrobe, may help you to make a more informed buying decision.

The photo shoots themselves are never high end professional endeavors. Locations vary from the Palm Springs desert canyons to the house or backyard. Friends volunteer as models, photographers, wardrobe assistants and make-up artists. Photographing Silver Jewelry as wearable art while attempting to create art of our own, is a tremendous combination of fun and hard work. I'm happy to say that over the years this project has been very well received by you, our guests. Enjoy!

Gemstone Pendant Bali Chain and Bracelet Puau Shell Jewelry
Onyx Bracelet Sterling Silver Collar Necklace, Gemstone Pendant and Gemstone Bracelet Amber Jewelry

Sausalito Silver will continue to offer you the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price!

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