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925 Sterling Silver Amber Pendants

Eye Candy  Pendant


"Eye Candy Amber"
$7 4.95

This nugget like shape of milky butterscotch just suited the artists need to join amber with the distinctive flair of silver used with the frame. The result is a perfect marriage of materials and shapes. Eye candy from Poland with love.

Shown on our Swirling Collar (not included)

Item AM105

.925 Sterling Silver
Length Including Bail 2 3/8"
Silver Frame 1 1/2" x 1 7/8"
Pendant Height 5/16"
Bail Opening 7mm
Handcrafted in Gdansk Poland

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Milk and Honey Amber Pendant


"Milk and Honey"

The lustrous milk color side of the amber eases over the peak of the stone and melds with the darker honey creating this super gorgeous natural butterscotch. The crowning silver work has an "Arabian Nights" look that accents the large stone's shape perfectly.

Shown on our Swirling Collar (not included)

Item AM104

.925 Sterling Silver
Length Including Bail 3 1/2"
Amber Length 3"
Pendant Height at Peak 1/2"Wide Point 1 1/2"
Bail Opening 9mm = 3/8"-
Center Stone Diameter 12mm
Smaller Stones 4mm
Handcrafted in Gdansk Poland

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Amber Pendant

You will discover works of art utilizing Amber and Sterling Silver from Poland never dreamed of. The European originality comes shinning through and offers you variations in both stones and memeorable designs. These pieces are all one of a kind, so when the you reach a decision,...Please do not hesitate.

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The Amber Angle Amber Pendant


"The Amber Angle"

A very clean and crisp design that's easy on the eyes while focusing on a statement specimen of Butterscotch Amber. The Silver work on this special Amber piece has been done with a "Less is More" concept and focuses your attention on the stone. A stone that has a perfectly rich buttery color with cream floating through out this sweet confection of nature. Enjoy!

Shown on our V Neck Sterling Silver Collar (not included)

Item AM107

.925 Sterling Silver
Overall Length Including Bail 3"
Amber Length 2 1/8"
Amber Measures 1/2" Thickness
Approximate Diamond 1 1/4 x 1 1/2"
Handcrafted in Gdansk Poland

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Romancing The Stone Amber Pendant


"Romancing The Stone"

A geometric and powerful creation in Baltic Amber with light literally dancing on the inclusions. The highlights change with the light exposure and spring back to life after sleeping for millions of years. Solid Sterling flares like a fountain from the bezel providing an anchor for the comfortable tube necklace. Romancing this stone will be really easy for you.

Item AM109

.925 Sterling Silver
Overall Necklace Length 18"
Sterling Links 1 3/4"
Amber Measures 5/8" Thickness
Free Form Approximate 1 3/8 x 1 3/4"
Handcrafted in Gdansk Poland

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