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Articles of Interest

All that Glitters

While checking out a national department store’s newspaper insert, the words Fine Silver really caught my eye. In my 40 years of experience in dealing with sterling, those two words together meant one thing, 999.9 Silver. That’s as pure as it gets folks and way too soft for manufacturing. I read on and found they were advertising plated silver jewelry. So now what does that mean? A fine job of plating?

  1. India - Surging to the lead in just the last couple of years. YTD growth over 2005 + 31%

  2. China - This should not be much of a surprise to most. YTD growth over 2005 + 25.2%

  3. Italy - In 2000 they were far and away the industry leader. They have been loosing market share since. The introduction of the Euro? YTD decline from 2005 - 2.6%

  4. Thailand - They continued to increase exports consistently over the last 10 years. YTD growth over 2005 + 17.4%

  5. Mexico - Mexico nearly doubled exports in 2005 over 2004. However, with the huge jump in the price of Silver this year shipments were much more difficult to obtain. More than one large importer told me Mexican manufacturers were holding the Silver Bullion and playing the market. YTD - decline from 2005 - 15.5%

Whoops! What happened to ( 5 )? Hong Kong is five and most of their jewelry production is in 18K Gold. The majority of that is being produced on the Mainland and shipped from Hong Kong.

(12) Indonesia - I'm fairly certain that Bali Indonesia would be higher on the list if we were only discussing .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry imports. YTD growth over 2005 + 37.5%.

If you found the above information interesting and care to take a look at the top 25 sources here is the link.

Written by and Copyright © Doug Clemens

About The Author:
Doug has been involved with almost every facet of the Sterling Silver Jewelry industry since 1974. His experience includes manufacturing, importing and distribution, resource for major department stores and independents, as well as the owner of retail outlets.

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