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Jewelry Business Italy

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The Italian niche in the Jewelry industry for years has been their exquisite, fashion forward designs that have inspired almost every facet of the market. These creative designs would not have been possible without their heavy investment in technology and equipment manufacturing. Italy is also the leader in the automated production of Gold and Silver Chain

I recall when I was setting up a Silver Jewelry factory in Guadalajara Mexico my partner, who was in charge of production, insisted that we import only Italian equipment. That was 30 years ago!

That trend has continued and Italy is still far ahead in the utilization of various sophisticated jewelry making techniques such as Laser Technology and Photo Etching. They remain the pioneers in the industry.

Another interesting occurrence that's certain to have a positive effect on Italy is the recent increase in the price of Silver and Gold. When the price of the metal jumps to this extent it "levels the playing field" with the countries benefiting from low cost labor. As an example: An importer saving on a particular Sterling Silver Jewelry design because of low labor cost in one country can now make the same piece in Italy utilizing less Silver, (make it a little lighter weight), and get superb quality for the same price. All of this is possible as a result of their expertise in technology.

Written by and Copyright Doug Clemens www.sausalitosilver.com

About The Author:
Doug has been involved with almost every facet of the Sterling Silver Jewelry industry since 1974. His experience includes manufacturing, importing and distribution. Also a key silver jewelry and fashion watch resource for major department stores and independents. In addition, an owner/operator of silver jewelry retail outlets

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