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.925 Sterling Silver Jewelry for Men and Women

Sausalito Silver Company specializes in high quality, handcrafted .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry styles
from bold to sassy, classic to trendy.

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Valentines Gift Ideas Great Gatsby Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet The Silver Wolf Silver Men's Bali Bracelet

Silver Tribal Art and Leather Men's Bracelet The Gaucho Sterling and Leather Necklace Goucho Silver and Leather Bracelet

The black Dayak Tribal Art creates a dazzling and forceful style you just can't miss. Outstanding.
"Silver Tribal Art and Leather" Men's Bracelet

"The Gaucho" Sterling Silver & Leather Men's Necklace
Total attention to detail that the Balinese are so well known for is very evident.

"Gaucho" Sterling Silver Bali Men's Bracelet
A perfect marriage between our Bali High Wheat Chain with luxurious, quality leather.

  See Silver Tribal Art and Leather Mens Bali Bracelet
  See The Goucho Sterling Silver and Leather Necklace
  See Goucho Silver and Leather Bali Braclet

Angelina Lip Collar The Wave Silver Cuff Bracelet Swirling Sterling Silver Cuff Necklace

Beautifully sculpted to accent the curvature of your lower lip.
"Angelina" Lip Collar Necklace

"The Wave" Silver Cuff Bracelet
A super smooth and comfortable style with timeless appeal.

The Swirling shown here, V necks, Ovals, Hammered Collars and More. Silver Cuff Necklaces From 16" to 20"

  See Angelina Lip Collar
See The Wave Cuff Bracelet
See The Swirling Collar

Happy Taffy Cuff and Collar Moon Kisses Cuff Bracelet, Earrings and Collar Kyanite Fall Earrings and Collar Necklace

Happy Taffy - Light hearted and fun


See Happy Tuffy Neck Collar

Cuff Bracelet

See Happy Tuffy Cuff Bracelet

Moon Kisses - Sterling Silver & Pearl


See Moon Kisses Collar Necklace

Cuff Bracelet

See Moon Kisses Cuff Bracelet


See Moon Kisses Earrings

"Kyanite Fall" Gorgeous Deep Blue Stone - Plenty of Fire

Collar Necklace

See Kyanite Fall Collar Necklace


See Kyanite Trapeze Earrings

Crushed Satin Silver Cuff Necklace .925 Sterling Silver Earrings Crushed Satin Silver Cuff Bracelet

A brilliantly concieved abstract work. Organic, sophisticated and stunning.
"Crushed Satin" Silver Cuff Necklace

"Crushed Satin" Dangle Earrings. The perfect accessory.

"Crushed Satin" Silver Cuff Bracelet
The Silver is creatively manipulated for extreme light reflection and finished with a magic touch.

  See Crushed Satin Silver Collar Necklace
  See Sterling Silver Earrings
  See Crushed Satin Cuff Bracelet

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Great Gatsby Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet The Great Gatsby Byzantine Bali Sterling Silver Necklace Chain The Bosun's Mate Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet

The "Great Gatsby" Men's Sterling Silver Bali Bracelet. Elegant and Bold.

"The Great Gatsby" Men's 24 inch Bali Silver Chain.
The necklace you have been waiting for.

"The Bosun's Mate"
A real winner!

  See The Great Gatsby Bali Silver Bracelet
  See The Great Gatsby Byzantine Mens Sterling Silver Bali Neck Chain
  See The Bosun's Mate Bali Sterling Silver Bracelet

Panther Silver Bali Men's Bracelet .925 Sterling Silver Earrings <The Byzantine Royalty Bali Silver Bracelet

"Balinese Panther" Sterling Silver Bali Bracelet
An agile and heavy open link bracelet.

.925 Sterling Silver Earrings. E-Coated For A Tarnish Free Finish.

"Byzantine Royalty" A super fluid very Bali Bracelet with great looks. Available in four sizes.

  See Balinese Panther Silver  Mens Bali Bracelet
  See Sterling Silver Earrings
  See Byzantine Royalty Bali Bracelet

Shining Knight Sterling Silver Bracelet Naga Weave 5mm Bali Chain Silver Wolf Sterling Silver Men's Bracelet

"Shining Knight" Sterling Silver Bracelet
This is really shining armor.

Precision Balinese Jewelry handcrafted with substance and sophistication.
"Naga Weave 5mm Bali Chain"

"The Silver Wolf" is a remarkable study in dazzling contrast. You'll be very proud of this handsome Balinese creation.

  See Shining Knight Bali Bracelet
  See Crushed Satin Silver Collar Necklace
  See Silver Wolf Bali Sterling Silver Bracelet

Black Onyx Rainbow Bali Pendant Sassy .925 Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet Wild Ride Sterling Silver Necklace

"Black Onyx Rainbow" Bali Pendant
The filigree beads design with the wire twists make this wearable art a treasure.

This "Sassy" Bracelet displays super clean styling in .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Adorn your wrist with just a kiss of Silver.

"Wild Ride" Sterling Silver Necklace
A striking Sterling Silver Necklace design that will happily join you in your Wild Ride.

  See Black Onyx Rainbow Bali Pendant
  See Sassy Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
  See Wild Ride Sterling Silver Necklace

Soaring Silver Bracelet Cuff Urban Wayfarer Men's Silver Cuff Bracelet Silver Rain Sterling Pendant

"Soaring" Silver Bracelet Cuff
Like a glider soaring on desert thermals.

"Urban Wayfarer" .925 Sterling Silver Men's Cuff Bracelet. A jaunty look for sport while maintaining the clean, tailored lines needed for formal attire.

"Silver Rain"
A super creative piece.

  See Soaring Bracelet Cuff
  See Urban Wayfarer Men's Cuff Bracelet
  See Silver Rain Pendant

The Ultimate V Silver Colllar Necklace Silver Band Rings Silver S Collar

"The Ultimate V" Silver Collar Necklace. Designed with width and presence not normally found in this popular style.

Handcrafted Band Rings for fun, friendship or commitment. From fingers to toes, they're perfect.
"Matching Silver Band Rings"

Silver S Collar
A Sterling Silver 16" Collar that radiates with clean fluid lines.

  See Collar Necklace
  See Silver Band Rings
  See Silver S Collar Necklace

Curl and Pearl Pendant and Earring Set Double Bubble Blue Topaz Pendant, Bracelet and Earring Set Cactus Flower Pendant and Earring Sterling Silver Set

"Curl & Pearl" - Modern Art! Sleek and organic at the same time.


See Curl and Pearl Pendant


See Curl and Pearl Earrings

"Double Bubble" - Cutting edge "wild wire" art. A perfect Blue Topaz shares the Silver Bubble.


See Double Bubble Blue Topaz Pendant


See Double Bubble Blue Topaz Bracelet


See Double Bubble Blue Topaz Earrings

"Cactus Flower" Sterling Silver Pendant & Earrings Set


See Cactus Flower Silver Pendant


See Cactus Flower Sterling Earrings

18 inch Silver Collar Necklace with Clasp Hammered 16 Oval Silver Collar 20 inch Oval Collar Necklace

Oval 18" Silver Collar Necklace W/Latch
Our most popular collar shape is available for you with a clasp. Another option for plus size women

Hammered 16" Oval Sterling Silver Collar
Silver was added to increase the dimensions and let this collar shimmer with light.

20" Oval Collar Necklace
This versatile design is not simply one of the obvious collar choices for plus size women. The style is fantastic for those of you prefering something lower on the neck.

  See 18 inch Silver Oval Collar with Clasp
  See Hammered 16 inch Silver Collar Necklace
  See 20 inch Oval Collar Necklace

Snow Drift Biwa Pearl Silver Bracelet Whirling Jewel Silver Bali Pendant The Crusader Bali .925 Silver Men's Bracelet

"Snow Drifts" Bursting with texture and radiance, these white Pearls create beautiful shades of glowing pastels. You’ll be wearing an electrifying piece.

"Whirling Jewel" Silver Bali Pendant
All of the elements resembling bamboo plait come together for the light complimenting the Amethyst in the center.

"The Crusader" Men's .925 Sterling Silver Bali Bracelet. An intriguing work in Silver with character and charisma.

  Snow Drift Biwa Pearl Silver Bracelet
  See Whirling Jewel Bali Silver Pendant
  See The Crusader Bali Silver Men's Bracelet

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